Sunday, August 25, 2013

Is it lust or male chauvinism

Well a lot had been said about the infamously famous Nirbhaya case and I know a lot will be said about the recent rape of a photojournalist. Oops sorry I should not use the word rape because our law no more recognises, it is sexual assault now. Anyways, one of the implications of this incident on me has been that I have started to reconsider the idea of taking up this profession.  Not because I have freaked out but because it makes me wonder why am I entering into this profession. One of the reasons why I took to this profession was the agitation i felt inside me after the Dec 16 case but I think with this incident things have started to pacify inside me because I no more trust my faith on the power of being a journalist.

Last night I was wondering what has changed in the society? The values or the ethics or is it really something as trivial (read provocative) as a short skirt or increased consumption of noddles and mobile phones. The thought brought me to another thought that the five year old must not have had enough noodles or worn provocative skirts or addicted herself to her cell phone! Then what is it? I believe a five year old can't invite two boys to brutally rape her and leave the objects of their victory (which in the eyes of some of our countrymen should have been given by the kid to invite the 'innocent' accused) inside her body. Was it not a sheer exposure of power and male chauvinism.

But what has led to it. I think one of the main reasons is the way we project this crime.

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Calling it a gender issue makes it only a women's issue. In our society, especially in Asia, gender is thought to be synonymous with 'women' like race is thought to be synonymous to blacks in the United States. So when we say it is a gender violence, the male community tend to sidetrack themselves thinking that it is a women's issue and not pertaining to them when in reality sexual violence is not only against women but also against men. And so far violence against women is concerned, it is not their issue but more of men's issue. It is there psychological issue which needs attention and not a woman's issue. Another problem is calling the 'raped' a victim. This demotivates and discourages. A woman who has been raped lives throughout her life as a victim. She is a survivor, a fighter, a brave heart but certainly not a victim. Unfortunately, we never call the rapist a rapist but we call the survivor a victim.

We talk about gender sensitisation. Again the male community doesn't pay attention to the issue because of the word gender. Moreover, we do not need sensitisation. Your and my sensitivity won't help, what we need is 'leadership'. Leadership to change the attitude and ideology, leadership to stop making the victim the subject of our conversation and start talking about the culprit, leadership to think and act, leadership to see women as women and not mere objects of lust.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Caught by a poet & bitten by a shutterbug ;)

Kuch baat hai is jagah me
Apna sa lagta h yha
Kuch din hue h yha20130813_080809
Par hamesha sa lagta hai yha..
Kabhi baadal kabhi in sitaaro me kho jaane ka mann krta hai.
Jab bhi dekhti hu ye neeli chadar sa neela asmaan
Thoda sa chup jaane ka mann krta hai,
In ghane pedo k daaliyo me jhul jaane ka mann krta hai.
Kuch baat hai is jagah me
Kabhi kabhi thoda say hi rhe jaane ka mann krta hai.
Ek ajeeb si khamoshi hai yha
Bas sunte jaane ka mann krta h
Ek khushbu h yha k hawa me,
Kuch kuch meri jaisi lagti h wo
Ek ada hai yha k mausam me
Bada itraata hai wo
Kuch baat hai is jagah me
Chalte jaane ka mann krta h,
Kuch baat hai is jagah me
Thoda sa iska ho jaane ka mann krta h

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

To the government...

Dear government,
I may not be known to you, but we are related actually we are intricately related. We are tied in a bond. When I chose you, the bond was supposed to be that of trust and loyalty but with deep regret I am forced to say that I gave birth to an illegitimate child.You needed me for your existence, you also needed me for your survival but when it came to fulfilling my hopes and aspirations, in a brutal showcase of your indifferent nature, you have just shunned me, like today's generation does to their unwanted parents.
But, I am neither old nor helpless, I am just tolerant. Tolerant towards your so called illustrious, visionary and intellectual officials and politicians, tolerant when you made a thousand promises to me guaranteeing me a secured and prosperous life which I knew were mere illusions, tolerant when you highjacked my hard earned resources, tolerant when disasters like Kalmadi and A. Raja marred my innocence and serenity.
But not anymore! You mistook my tolerance as my habit. I think it is high time for me to raise a voice so loud that it would fall on your deaf ears. And this time you are going to hear my voice because this time I am not one or two or a few hundreds rather we are all together as one.
We are all fed up of hiding our mistakes of breaking the traffic rules by a Rs 100 note, paying a few 1000 bucks extra for a passport hurts us, a few lakhs for an admission to an institute is no more gonna be a method, we won't pay a penny extra to the 'babu' to clear my pension bill, we won't pay anything for a loan sanction, and we won't let anybody exploit us in the name of convenience and ease.
I am not a supporter of any political party. Neither am I against the congress nor am I any admirer or follower of Mr. Anna Hazare. I am just against corruption. I do not support Mr. Anna Hazare but I support my rights, I am not with Anna Hazare rather I am one. Its not that I've not raise a voice before, Yes I have, but when I reached you for help I was stabbed, I was betrayed and subsequently I was subjugated, and when I tried to raise a voice against the betrayal I was again betrayed and hence again subjugated. But this time I would neither request nor can you suppress me because this time I am not an individual but a phenomenon. This time I am a REVOLUTION, that is meant to shake your very roots.
You have forced me to show you this face of mine. What can I do when my leader, my representative Dr. Manmohan Singh says "I am helpless because of the coalition pressures." My sentiments bleed not when you impose Section 144 but when the punishments for violating it differ between me and the honourable Mr. Rahul Gandhi. He is dropped home with due respect and I am sent to tihar jail. Well, for that I am thankful to you because I could meet the big shots like Mr. Kalmadi and Mr. A Raja, who are a few of those respected people who instigated me to turn into a revolution from an individual.
Your non approval to the jan lokpal bill is no more a shock to me. P.Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal, Jairam Ramesh, Ambika Soni, Pranab Mukherjee are no doubt intellectual visionaries but they have failed to take any right step forward. So I have decided to share their workload. I won't stop this time. I am bigger and better and more powerful and most of all I am one. If you suppress anyone of us, you give birth to a thousand more, like you tried to suppress one Anna and now there are  thousands of Annas on the roads. Beware, suppressing righteous demands might instigate more fire and a million will not take time to become a billion.

Yours 'truely'
Common man